ITWASSOOTED: Plastic water jugs

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Plastic water jugs

Excuse me while I rant and rave about plastic water jugs. In the southern part of the united states,gulf coast states in particular there is a strange weather phenomenon called a hurricane. I couldn't tell you how many have occurred in the past 25-50 years and I could give a fuck. Lets just say its more than 20 less than 5000, ok? These strange freaky storms pack high winds damaging waves blowing debris torrential rains. All matter of disaster can accompany these things. I'm not from the south never been there never going there, but I know of these storms.
these storms take a few days or better to develop out in the Atlantic ocean around Africa and there abouts. Its at the very least four days before it strikes land in fat lazy assed America. Now all the time these storms are approaching there are a million warnings. A million "what to do in disaster" stories on the teveee the radio the newspapers. Not being from there I'm not positive (maybe a southern imbecile can fill me in)but does it dawn on anybody down there to fill up a few days worth Of plastic jugs with WATER? HELLO? WATER FILL UP THE FUCKING JUGS BEFORE DISASTER STRIKES!

ok I'm almost finished. There were reports here in my northern area of the world of lines of able bodied people queued for gubmint assistance after this last storm "Wilma" . This assistance was in the form of ice and water, and people were pissed there wasn't enough water and or places to fucking get water. I say fuck you and your sorry lazy ass if on storm plus 2 you are fretting over water.

if you are an able bodied human being and you are in a line of able bodied human beings looking for water on day two after a storm you was warned for a week in advance. fuck off. You people that are able bodies should be out helping people who are less than able in their time of need or at the very least out of the way so aid can get to the feeble ill and infirmed.

ok maybe seven of you were in line for an ill infirmed feeble neighbor, that leaves the zillion of you to get the fuck out of the way. And stay there.

I'm done bitch at me all you want for my lack of sensitivity, I don't care you been warned
and you can fuck off
now that yer roof is on
you don't be on my radio wimperin...............
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