ITWASSOOTED: Today we golf

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Today we golf

or fish.
the company is picking up the tab for a round of golf at a resort course at izatys called the sanctuary sounds nice. Any free golf is good golf. This resort is at lake mille lacs

some guys will be going out on a charter fishing walleyes, I'm sure I'd get sea sick or at least a hook in the ear. So fishing is out for me.

after fishing and golf there is a dinner at the shore room one w000h0000.

then there is overnight accommodation s in a very nice town house on the lake.

a buffet breakfast on Sunday morning which was great last year.

last year there was a local celebrity at the resort I saw him in the club house the driving range and the restaurant with his family. He is the common man Dan Cole. He does a radio gig at the resort in the summer for KFAN, I'm sure in exchange for a condo and all the free golf he can do in a weekend I mean who would pay they guy cash money for a gig like that ?

I think I'll be driving back after golf I'm not into group feed. I like to drop foodstuffs on my self in the privacy of my own home thank you very much.
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