ITWASSOOTED: Would evil men..........

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Would evil men..........

Foil up if you want to, but would evil men take out any number of civilians to rehabilitate gwb's image? Would evil men do anything to bring Osama to justice?

would evil men use directed energy weapons on an area prone to

"earthquakes"if they

thought for a moment that possible the could get Osama?

these people wouldn't blink at killing 40k people or evil 400k people if they thought in their best interest, ask Madeline Albright.

the population growth in that region of the world is not sustainable for the western white ass why not take out a few tens of thousand breeders?

some will even claim we are witnessing the rapture, so believe what you wanna believe but everybody's gotta fight to be free if they don't want to live like a refuge.
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