ITWASSOOTED: Should be on strike

Friday, November 25, 2005

Should be on strike

If I was a European today would prolly be some kinda fake strike day just to piss off the man and an excuse to drink beer. But I aint so I won't.

was going to get firewood today but I woke up late(7:45am)and its snowing, why risk it if if I don't have to on black Friday. So me and the girl went up to radio shack, I had her call first to see if what I wanted was still there second to see how many rioters were there. The coast was clear they said, and there were two cameras left. No time to waste I said as we rushed out the door. Its maybe 4 blocks away so we made it as the last 5 mega pixel lcd display cams where handed out. One to a guy ahead of us and one to us.
I never had a LCD display camera before for my PC. I have binocular cams spy cams regular cams but never had one you could view your shot after you took it on a screen. This is very cheap unit at 80.00 hell I payed that for my binocular cam. Hardly ever use it but yah know I hadda have it in case I ever went to the beach at impa nema.
this little thing does stills and video like my logitech. I'm hoping the software is friendly with expee. The thing is fragile though you don't get armor reinforcing for 80.00 i guess. They kids have had it in the basement for an hour now its prolly broken already. Soon I do some test pics for both my blog viewers enjoy.....
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