ITWASSOOTED: Was Fujimori "renditioned" in a carefully-planned set up by the current and former CIA agents as a further slap at Bush?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Was Fujimori "renditioned" in a carefully-planned set up by the current and former CIA agents as a further slap at Bush?

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Fujimori faces a 21-count indictment in Peru, including murder and corruption counts. What makes this case more intriguing is that the private plane that transported Fujimori stopped in Atlanta before flying to Chile. The Mexican government also confirmed the plane stopped in Mexico prior to flying to Chile. The presidents of Chile and Peru were meeting with George W. Bush in Mar del Plata at the Americas Summit just prior to Fujimori's flight from Japan to Atlanta and Mexico and on to Chile. The timing for a "rendition" while Chile's and Peru's presidents were engaged at the summit was perfect. No one suspected it, not even Fujimori's right-wing patrons in Tokyo, including Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara and multi-millionaire Diet member Torao Tokuda. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, an ally of Bush, has resisted Peru's extradition efforts to have Fujimori returned. Intelligence insiders believe the Fujimori exfiltration to Chile may have been part of a clever ruse designed by disgruntled U.S. intelligence operatives to send a warning shot across Bush's bow. A Fujimori trial in Peru is bound to highlight his connections to various Bush family enterprises, not all of which are legal.

The Japanese government claims it was unaware of Fujimori's plans to travel to Chile. It was first reported that Fujimori traveled to Chile to launch a comeback bid for the Peruvian presidency. He was arrested after having set up shop for his new "Si Cumple" political party in Santiago's Marriott Hotel. Peru has asked Chile to extradite Fujimori to stand trial. The Chilean government, preoccupied with the Americas summit in neighboring Argentina, also seemed surprised at Fujimori's sudden arrival in Santiago.

There is speculation that Chile's arrest of Fujimori may be part of a larger ploy to get Peru to drop charges against Chilean billionaire businessman Andronico Luksic, Jr., the owner of a consortium of banks, telecommunications companies, factories, mines, and breweries. Luksic also faces an INTERPOL arrest warrant for failing to appear in a Peruvian court on September 29 to face charges that he paid a $3 million bribe to Fujimori's government involving the building of a pasta factory in Lima. That deal involved Peru's former National Intelligence Service (SIN) chief Vladimiro Montesinos, now jailed in Peru. Montesinos was code named "The Doctor" by the CIA and was well known as a facilitator for U.S. weapons smuggling and drug deals involving the Bush crime family.
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