ITWASSOOTED: My last crap

Sunday, December 04, 2005

My last crap

Since I started my own blog I've also started looking at some of the 12-20 million other blogs. And a common genre of posts I'm noticing is "my last giant shit" type blog. This is something I just didn't think of when I started a blog. I close the door and turn on a fan when I go do a giant type shit. I'm wondering do these shit in public bloggers leave the door open? Well they do in the blogosphere. Detailed descriptions of the smell texture and eating habits abound. The weblog can be a place of brutal honesty in almost total anonymity so yeah why not chronicle all your bodily functions, every messy fart in the super market, every projectile vomiting excursion at taco bell order counter, every gynourmous shit you've been holding for 3-4 days because you eat three pounds of cheese a day. Every massive cold sore oozing puss. Every pustual laden zit you've exploded in front of diners at olive garden. Every leaking goiter you've seen and wished you could stroke yer bottle cock on. I was going to add a bunch of links to this post to lead you to these bodily functions rantings but who has that kinda time? Besides I need to go clean a few hemorrhoids before the big fucking game at noon.............
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