ITWASSOOTED: These wires gotta go

Thursday, December 01, 2005

These wires gotta go

Recall from our last insanely boring adventure that Oscar had hooked up a years old router the "those peoples" computer. Well now Oscar is relatively certain that this foray into networked computers isn't a fad yer mom said it would be. Oscar needs to get these fookun wires from under his feet #1, #2 there is one wire going out this door to the door in the next room down the hall.
this distance as the dog walks is about 23 feet, but as the crow flies its about 4.5 feet. All I need is to shut it all down, unplug the mess, drill a hole in the wall down low, and run the offending wire through , reconnect, and voila I'll be with out internet for a day while I sort out how the fuck I had them hooked up before.
the reason I might actually get this shit away from me is that I already tripped over it once pulling the router box off the desk here. Pulled a pile of paperwork of the chair next to the desk. A screamed motherfucker seven times. So I'll prolly get this mission done before Christmas of '05......
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