ITWASSOOTED: Its not fookun Saturday anymore

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Its not fookun Saturday anymore

Yesterday I posted some garbled crap about my old router internets and computers. blogoogle decided it was Saturday still and hasn't changed the date I rebuke thee google. See if that does it.
there were a couple other posts from Sunday and Monday I think misdated, to avoid further embarrassment of only posting on groundhog Saturday I deleted some crap.

now back to the boring program. Last night I thought I was a genius, then of course I wasn't. In the flick of a switch the karma policia got me back to earth as I know it. The computer hard drive switch I thought was gold turned south fast. It would only boot in safe mode. It froze up at normal boot at a bios error. The dumbass I am couldn't figure out that you can't load a giant hard drive on a wood burning mother boards bios. Am I makin any sense?/ well fo if you can't follow along.
about midnight I figured it out in my head and then went to bed. I got home replaced the h/d with original, asked a friend to come over and help set up router, then proceeded to hook it up on my own. I was sitting in front of second machine when shit started blinking buzzing and asking me if I wanted to update. I guess the routed connection is working we now have two shared internets in our house after at least 4 years of me "working on it"
my wife thanks me for finally getting this done. I tell her in no uncertain terms that these things cannot be rushed along. Its like making scotch whiskey aging is key here and don't expect these wires down the hall to disappear anytime soon.......
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