ITWASSOOTED: Please I can't be made to shop there

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Please I can't be made to shop there

Today I'm sitting around trying to have lunch when I over hear one of my co-workers start blathering about a local land mark, his mom, an FBI agent,and... Are you ready? A CREDIBLE THREAT!!!.
so this guy tells us his mother has a very close friend that is a field agent of the Minneapolis FBI. Ok that's possible but we don't know for sure. So many people try to use that shit to impress you that they have insider, in the know friends at every juncture of a lunch time story. Am I right? Or am I right? Well this FBI agent has informed the co-workers mother that there is A CREDIBLE THREAT during this Christmas season at the MOA or mall of America in Bloomington. And the agent has advised this mother and all her ilk to stay clear of the MOA. Fine could be al-Franken er al-Qaida is about to blow up that Ukrainian suitcase newk finally and its here in my fookun town, or close enough that its going to spoil the gedney pickle crop for a few years and possibly muss some peoples hair.
if this is true there has been nary a mention of it on any local news broadcasts that I personally have listened too. That I remember. Its entirely possible I'm immune to that sort of news and my sensors shut off and ignore those types of stories, that's possible. If this is a real threat, if the FBI or the other secret gubmint agents have a torture suspect fessin up to this nefarious plot they aint letting on to it for the general publics consumption. Good thing you say in case its just another in a string of false confession alarms? Well buckwheat what if moms FBI guy is right and there is a Ukrainian suitcase nuke blowd up at moa and nobody was told but a few close friends of FBI guy and us? Well we aint telling anybody else for it may hamper holiday spending in the region. We know how these types of stories can balloon into major mass hysteria. This could spread to other major cities and shopping centers around the country. Then where would your happy holidays be if walmarts of the world had a terribly shopping season? I'm not sayin don't go shopping hell no by all means go piss away money on crap nobody needs. It will make you feel better celebrating the season if you can shop and in so doing you are doing your part to fight terrorism. if we let them stop us shopping over here by gawd damn we will have to shop over there!
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