ITWASSOOTED: When these schmo's are caught in the act what do they scream?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

When these schmo's are caught in the act what do they scream?

Saturday I read a post from Tony pierce about the defenders of payed propaganda in Iraqi news reports. Seems there is a "pajama media" group that likes to spout the company line and Tony was questioning IF these people are actually paid shills like the Lincoln group that's doing contract work for the pentagons psy-ops divisions in Iraq. Then who comes to the defense of this "pajama media" this guy,Jeff Goldstein at he does a familiar bleat on tony's blog comments. You guessed it, he calls on the ANTI-SEMITE card. shameless mother fuckers get caught shilling for the war machine and they goto their playbook of blame the other guy and also call him fucked up made up inflammatory names. a familiar refrain from those that protest too much and in my view are probably guilty even if not charged. Tony has a good article here

and here is the comments section:

I made a series of substantive arguments about why I believe the use of propaganda is ethical -- one of which is situated above a post making fun of John Derbyshire. Below that? A post criticizing Republicans for floating the idea of holding ethics violation hearings into Murtha's ties to his brother's consulting firm.

Your response is to intimate some sort of broad GOP conspiracy? That some of us are paid shills?

Surprised you didn't bring up the fact Stephen Green and I are both Jews, Tony. Because the Jews not only like money, but lot's of us like them neocons just a bit too much, if you catch my meaning.
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