ITWASSOOTED: “Art, Espionage and Cover Ups,”

Sunday, January 22, 2006

“Art, Espionage and Cover Ups,”

Michael Fortier received a 12 year sentence in the okc boondogle for not alerting authorities to a potential bomb plot. Why not the STATE SPONSORED TERRORISTS FROM ISRAEL? The Israeli art students a.k.a. mossade? They had been either tailing the alleged highjackers or actually running the op.
this here is a very long article but well worth the read and discussion. If you happen by it maybe a copy to a local drive and a printed hard copy, just in case it disappears from the internets.

Carl Cameron with Fox News was the first major reporter to break this story, in a four-part series that aired in December 2001. In the series, Cameron gives several examples of Israeli espionage activities in America. In his first report, Cameron focuses on the Israeli surveillance of the Arab hijackers. Cameron reported, “There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9/11 attacks, but investigators suspect that the Israelis may have gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared it.”

“According to the FBI list, the Arab terrorist and suspect cells lived in the same neighborhoods as the Israeli cells in Irving, Texas and Hollywood and Miami, Florida from Dec. 2000 to April 2001. In the case of Irving, the Israeli cell used a rental mailbox in a shopping center just one block away from an Arab suspect’s apartment. In Hollywood, the terrorists, including lead hijacker Mohammad Atta, the Egyptian who piloted American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, used a rental mailbox drop two blocks from an apartment rented by an Israeli ‘art student’ team leader.”

Cameron’s reporting appears in part to be based upon a secret FBI document that shows the “tie-ins” between the Israeli spies and the Arab hijackers. The fact that a secret FBI document exists is also evident in the Die Zeit article, “Next Door to Mohammed Atta.” Die Zeit, a German paper, based their article on information obtained from the French intelligence agency. The FBI apparently shared their report on Mossad activity with the French. The following portions of the article “Next Door to Mohammed Atta,’ closely parallels Carl Cameron’s unaired report.
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