Monday, January 02, 2006

[Cerberus] man
[Cerberus] that's scary
[Cerberus] those pictures might scare large into not tilting
[Cerberus] person in pic 1 looks like he ate a swede
[Cerberus] or killed 5
[Cerberus] that's some scary shit
[Cerberus] i'm looking at the hotel pics again
[Cerberus] trying to find bodies
[Cerberus] why do you play online?
[Cerberus] you could seriously scare a swede for life

[Cerberus] person1 and 4 are the same?
[Cerberus] eek
[Cerberus] damn
[Cerberus] pic 4 is about the scariest pic i've ever seen
[Cerberus] well
[Cerberus] after the feet
[Cerberus] artsy pictures

[Cerberus] pic 5 where he hid the bodies
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