ITWASSOOTED: Secret spying

Monday, January 02, 2006

Secret spying

Are there a few of you out there in bloggerland of the opinion that government agents able to spy on everyone will be stifled by laws?
do you think if congress tells another branch of government that its not ok to do something like tap your phones chip your car etc.. They would refrain from it if in their interests however golden they are, if they want to do it? Think again mister. there is no such thing as lawful boundaries with the regimes that rule the world now, I doubt there ever has been.
The imperial nature of the ruling classes looks like rules and laws and other such hindrances don't count towards their ilk. Don't be shocked, don't be appalled, don't be amazed. Not at what they do in their best interest. They do it to protect us you see.
The united states has spent bazillions of dollars on the protection of our spheres of influence, at home and abroad. If not for the courage of our fearless leaders, we my friends would all be speaking farsi and throwing stones at our fornicating neighbors.
and besides what's going to stop the regime in power? The opposition party? Yeah ok there is an opposition party in the united states. Its that little ball of light that was behind the comet hale-bopp. Just waiting to pounce on the regime in power, to bring it to justice, to bring it back to its senses.
Right after the mid term election you can tune in to see how that opposition thing is going.
we here at itwassotted wait with cheetos and a soda, join us if you want...........
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