ITWASSOOTED: happy new year: and all that rot

Sunday, January 01, 2006

happy new year: and all that rot

today the vikings play their last game of this season. the bears don't need the win so who knows vikings could win it with nothing to gain.

lost 73.00 at the poker tables yesterday, but should have gained an entry into the bet365 monthly 30k for 250 raked hands. 73.00 is way more than i wanna pay for entry fee, i'm a freeroller babeeeee. trying this morning to gain on that lost 73.00, first hand of the day turned into a 99955 for 24.00 so it was a good sign.

went to wedding reception last night, not my thing to do on a saturday night, or any night for that matter. maybe i got a picture of the bride...................
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