ITWASSOOTED: <span style="color:#ff0000;">the Republican Party committed economic terrorism against the people of California</span>

Saturday, May 27, 2006

the Republican Party committed economic terrorism against the people of California


90-fold Price Rise Not Called Gouging

by Michael Hammerschlag

The Kenny Boy Lay and Jeff Skilling conviction was gratifying, but neither lowlife should ever see the light of day again. In the Great 2000-2001 California Energy Robbery, a group of 6 power companies, led by Enron, through manipulating power production, raised rates up to 90 fold.

California people and firms were paying as much in a day for electricity as they had in 3 months, threatening to shutdown the world's 6th largest economy. Then in a breathlessly audacious scam, the Republicans (who had probably engineered it to punish California for voting 12% more for Gore) managed to use the 3-fold higher power contracts Gov. Gray Davis signed with a gun to his and his state's temple... to depose him and replace him with the Terminator. Ahnold quickly agreed to almost cancel the $9 billion refund of the theft, getting only 10-20% in a devils bargain with the power companies.
most corrupt President in American history."