ITWASSOOTED: Saginaw Spirit vs. Oshawa Generals, Jan 26th Trip Report:

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saginaw Spirit vs. Oshawa Generals, Jan 26th Trip Report:

Well it started off a little rough I dare say. Yes, here it comes, the good ol’ “Flat tire excuse” -- had a flat tire night before, changed it day of trip with the spare that was in trunk, and it was one of those skinny little temporary tires that you are only supposed to use for about 50 miles, but it held out. Round trip ended up being about 280 miles after picking up and dropping off Joe. Also we left late, due to some unexpected family “obligations” that came up late in the afternoon. When we arrived in Saginaw, we had trouble finding the stadium itself, but finally arrived at the game about halfway through the second period. No trouble picking up the tickets at Will Call, told them Rosco was gonna do a taper on them if they didn’t hand them over, and the tickets were in our paws promptly. Unfortunately, we missed the throwing of GM reports onto the ice for Colbert after Saginaw scored first goal, but were informed that plenty of reports landed on the ice. :D

My trip partner, Joe, managed to borrow a digital camera so we did get some photos.

He had to take a crash course on how to operate the camera which had more switches, settings, and knobs then a marital aid, and the battery didn’t like the cold (and might have been getting old anyway) , had to take them out a few times and warm them in his pockets! So the photos aren’t ‘xactly journalism grade, but will have to do for this first attempt at covering the haps at a Spirit game. Okay, enough preliminaries, here are the pics.

This pic is of yours truly, chatting on IRC during game to Rosco and Cerbeagle with a Crackberry.

Spirit Cheerleaders doing their intermission routine after 2nd Period
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