ITWASSOOTED: the gp 9813

Saturday, April 14, 2007

the gp 9813

saw cleaned
on a stand
need new blade
6 years ago i found this aqua colored steel box with wheels no idea what it was used for
had some internal guts a few wires some kinda coiled wire gizmo two doors think it had a drawer
i didn't get the drawer
its been sitting outside my shed for about 6 years give or take 5 years, if the ex-bookeeper said it once she said it a hundred times
when are you getting rid of that thing
ha it has wheels why would i get rid of it?
ex-bookkeeper: because its been out here forever and it looks terrible out there and you'll never use it
ha i say
today its reborn today
its the absolute perfect table for my gawd damn saw
absolute correct height
it rolls in and out of shed
i can put a few shelves under it for stuff
its perfect
you hear me
some people might go to store and buy a stand
some might go to store and buy some wood
spend hrs building a stand
adding shelves and drawers
dumpsters our are friends keep a sharp eye out somebody is throwing away a perfectly good something somewheres
thank you and goodnight
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