ITWASSOOTED: Danny's research began with the alleged theft of the PROMIS

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Danny's research began with the alleged theft of the PROMIS

Alfred Alvarez and two of his friends were killed in July 1981. They were part of the Cabazon Indian Reservation, and opposed the takeover of the reservation by the Wackenhut Corporation.

While seeking evidence for Riconosciuto relating to the Inslaw case, private investigator Larry Guerrin was killed in Mason County, Washington, in February 1987.

On February 6, 1989, in the San Francisco Bay area, attorney David Meyer died from a gunshot wound. The next day he was to have appeared in District Court, defending clients who were reportedly tied in with CIA drug trafficking activities. An activist, Meyer sought to expose links between Iran-Contra, the Justice Department, the CIA, and others.

Attorney Dexter Jacobson was killed on August 14, 1990, just before he was to present evidence of rampant Chapter 11 judicial corruption to the FBI.

Attorney Gary Ray Pinnell was killed on February 11, 1991, just before he, too, was to present [evidence of] Chapter 11 corruption to the FBI.

On January 31, 1991, the body of Alan D. Standorf was found in the back seat of a car parked at the Washington National Airport. Standorf was a source of information to Casolaro and had been introduced to him by Riconosciuto. It is believed that Standorf, an electronic intelligence employee for the National Security Agency, was a key source for some of the information linking the Justice Department to the various scandals.

Attorney Dennis Eisman was shot to death twenty-four hours before he was to meet with Michael Riconosciuto. Eisman was building a defense for Riconosciuto against the charges filed by the Justice Department prosecutors as they sought to silence him.

On June 19, 1991, Alan Michael May was found dead in his San Francisco home. May had reportedly been involved with Michael Riconosciuto and the movement of $40 million in bribe money to the Iranians, in the operation known as the "October Surprise."

Casolaro began to receive death threats, but they did not deter him from his investigation, as he set off for Virginia where he was to meet an informant. Before leaving, however, he gave his brother, Dr. Anthony Casolaro, important instructions. "He told us... if there was an accident and he died, not to believe it."

On the morning of August 11, 1991, Danny Casolaro was found dead in the bathroom of his hotel room at the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia. His wrists had been slashed ten times; his briefcase and notes were missing. The authorities labeled the death a suicide, and before Casolaro's family had been contacted, the body was embalmed.
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