Tuesday, September 16, 2008



week 2 against the spread our team has a record of 7 wins 6 losses and 2 pushes.
not exactly stellar but not a complete car wreck.  part of our team isn't even American. the guy hates wanker Armour ball but loves to gambol.

this week we did a grand experiment and bet all 15 NFL games one game canceled because of the weather, (i guess NFL doesn't play in hurricanes) a small wager on each but, at the rate we bet about week 4 we would have to go to the bank to re-fund the account. I'm fucking unemployed so the season might coulda been lost for me.
so a 7-5-2 record is prolly a big triumph i don't feel it but it should be celebrated.

our system is evolving every day. this past week we each picked our teams set them side by side for comparison. each game we agreed on we kept as is . each game we disagreed on we then debated why we thought we were right then decided on the course of action after debate.

our first "debate was the Tenn cincy match up i went cincy he went Tenn. my argument was simple, Tenn quarter back was injured and fookun suicidal Vince Young's momma called the cops looking for her boy that ran off in a snit because the fans booed him and he was injured? well i didn't look any deeper at back up, and Collins is adequate and way better than vikings starter tjack.
partner said OK and of course cincy got their asses kicked 1 -ITYS.

next debate was colts vikings i took vikings mostly emo since they are my home team he took colts because he knows the Vikings find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. i relented after zero debate as i can't be objective bystander.
result Indy covers wins and #2 +ITYS

third debate is giant +9 over rams i take giants being the lucky assed world beaters that they are, and rams got blown up the week before i took big spread. the Europeans counter part "felt" a rams cover and a mission to prove they didn't shit through cheese cloth. i relented, a feeling is as good as a hunch to me. result is #3 -ITYS

And the 4Th debate was the Sunday night tilt at Cleveland, Pittsburgh was a +6.
steelers had won 9 in a row against Cleveland. my theory was Cleveland was due, almost as good as a "feeling". lucky for me and us it rained sideways or steelers probably crush the dawg pound as browns can't fuckin score. result #4 +ITYS.

so we win two and lose two of the i told you so games. we put the hastily drawn system to the test and and lived to play another day.

Sunday was also a great day on the soccer front i believe we went into the NFL action with a Sunday soccer league betting cushion of 60.00 or maybe a little more?

I'll let my colleague in Europe with his finger on the pulse of the Soccer action, fill you in on that story
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