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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

week 3 in the great NFLdegen experiment sunday/monday division

week 3 of the NFLdegen experiment went much like week 2 only one game worse. Sunday started off terrible, the first six games had us under .500 and looking like the day was setting up for a rout. something like 4-4 before 3:00 games started. Miami dolphins used a college offense scheme to bewilder the mighty new England patriots and blow them completely up 38-13.
The -12.5 fav of new England was completely off the mark, and NE is now on notice for a bad performance can come any week.
Buffalo another highly touted AFC east team could barely get it done against the raiders missing the spread by about 8.

Second half starting at 3:00 looked much better at the half we were about 6-1 and poised for another break even Stephen weekend. by the time it was over Sunday night as Dallas covered against green bay at green bay. we finished Sunday at 8-7-0.

THen comes a Monday night and a favre led jets team goes out to play the bolts already ahead by +9, the jets go ahead and run back an interception for a TD making them ahead of the spread +16. after that they proceed to just give it back.

Somehow the brain trust on that jets squad thought an onside kick with 3/4 of the game to play was a great idea. guess what fuckers
it backfired and set you back in a giant hole you could not dig yourselves out of, with that porous defense of yours. yes you held LT to under a Franklin, but fuck did your secondary stink from all the scorched fucking flesh out there.

And just like a favre he threw so many balls where only the bolts could catch them, its a wonder SD didn't post a bigger fookun number. Conclusion: I'm fuckin off the jets favre band wagon, They are a sieve at defense and their receivers and QB are on different pages.

so week 3 reads

game time decision 8-8-0
Rosco 10-6-0
beer cur 9-7-0
random guy 6-10-0
Benedict 7-9-0
dawgs 6-10-0
joesixpack 4-12-0

somehow we talked ourselves out of a couple wins. one being a switch on buffalo covering a 9.5 spread when we both had Oakland covering earlier. bad mistake and one not to be repeated. week 4 i get to be the deciderer any games we don't agree my choice gets the nod. i better study up hard, its going to be a great week 4
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