ITWASSOOTED: Brother can you spare a loan?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brother can you spare a loan?

I want to start a borrowing program in the next couple months since the industry I used to be gainfully employed in has vanished.

I want to start borrowing yearly sums of cash to pay bills that are due each month.
I would like to use faith as a form of collateral.
I will have nothing else of value to back it up just faith, faith and the knowledge that I owe you, he, them the money and maybe I pay you back or my kids can pay you back.

Now i don't have an endless supplier of "money" like the treasury does. An entity that can just poof up a giant pile at will. So I might have to just make up my own. I dunno yet I'm working it out now.

How long can our corrupted national fascistas governments keep inventing piles of fake "money"?
Backed by ever decreasing Tax streams?
You sell coffee and dry cleaning with no manufacturing no middle road paying jobs you eventually should collapse into a bengladeshe type third world, after the massive riots and huge purges.

Maybe our system doesn't seem so bleak from your home but from my hovel it doesn't look good anytime soon. There are no green shoots of happiness coming, and its always darkest before the dawn. We aint in the darkest yet.

The relief will come as a world system? reborn as a one global system? Do you need a sars pandemic to accomplish that? Or does another magic bubble of bullshit sustain the illusion for another time? How giant a bubble can be created?
10 trillion? 100 trillion? out of what from what?

In the mean time can I borrow say fiddy k for next years expenses?
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