Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Footage released by the al-Iraqi television channel shows hi-tech weapons which Iraqi police said were confiscated from the two undercover British soldiers after their arrest in Basra yesterday. The weapon in the centre of the picture appears to be an anti-tank weapon (Al-Iraqi via Reuters TV)

The two commandos, said by the BBC to be members of the SAS, also had a light machine gun and ammunition (Al-Iraqiya via Reuters TV)

The haul included radio gear and other covert operations equipment said to be standard issue kit for the SAS (Al-Iraqiya via Reuters TV)

wonder what these two spooks were doing in "peaceful"basra? Is it possible the reason the invaders aren't leaving is they need sectarian violence to further the mid-east agenda? Blame Iran blame Syria blame al-Qaida etc...
somebody said it this week: "the united states can't stop thousands of border crossings from Mexico into Arizona new Mexico Texas, but Syria is supposed to stop all fuckin "foreign fighter,insurgent" traffic
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