ITWASSOOTED: Off to work

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Off to work

well maybe I don't need to go yet its only 4:45 a.m. ! No wonder the damn alarm clock never went off, its an hour earlier than I need to be up. Ma went to work early today, she must have left about 3:00 a.m. working over time helping to make up my rain day I guess. Yesterday she was supposed to work over but the company computers failed or some crap. It all runs on computer so when its down you sit and get payed time and a half? I think not.


usually if ma is up before me she will make coffee and me lunch, very nice of her eh?
today no lunch and coffee was still in pot, I'm thinkin wtf happened we out of bread?Well that's when it dawned on me(get it DAWNED, CRACK OF DAWN)BWHAHAHAHA FO if yah don't get it. anyways I am awake now so are you.
now I have time to do a little rearranging in my truck to place a couple of saw horses. There is nothing worse than seeing a fat man bending down to the earth every damn time he needs to cut a piece of steel! No wait there is, its watching the fat man get back to his feet after being down on his knees cutting steel.
I have three sets in the garage one is a slimline version that should lay flat enough to fit in the bed of the truck, the others are bulkier and would need to sit in the back seat, which is getting way to full now. Steel on my leather seats is not good. Think the company would pay to repair the seats if they got damaged hauling tools? Hell fuck no. they are already stained from the ink on the laser case.
my fault i guess for not having a seat cover at all times. the ink may come off who knows.
Building columns today. About 6 blocks closer to home. Apple valley. Somebody else started them for whatever reason they are not finished and I get to finish them woo hooooo. Hope it stays cool outside. Later.
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