ITWASSOOTED: rude pundit cleans it up for? the masses?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

rude pundit cleans it up for? the masses?

i really dig the rude pundit , but when they get serious they clean it up for kiddies?fuck that. he must be looking for the "mainsteam" audience. still a good bit of digging on his part thanks crooks and liars for the direction.

FEMA's Long-Term "Strategic Plans" - My, How They've Changed:
So apparently, under James Lee Witt in 1997 and then under Michael Brown's college roommate and boss, Joe Allbaugh, in 2002, FEMA laid out two very different long-term plans for how the agency was to improve and how its success was to be measured. What becomes evident is a stark contrast between the Clinton-era emphasis on saving people and communities as goals in and of themselves and how the Bush administration's FEMA sees itself as serving "customers."........
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