ITWASSOOTED: Who are the rumor mongers?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Who are the rumor mongers?

I see the blognation are filling up with stories on the unsubstantiated rumors or mass killings rapes and shootings in NOLA.

well no shit. Come on freezers full of dead bodies in the convention center, gangs raping wilding etc.... Armed thugs shooting at would be rescuerers. keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefuckinraist none of those things made sense when I saw them being reported. And most of them where later refuted. Today on NPR its a story hullabaloo has a couple Eschaton has some.

my question is who does this type of reporting and why? Is it by accident or design?
is it part of the feed them terror op that seems to be going on constantly since 9/11(the day the earth changed).Is it really the thirst for news any news at all times, trying to scoop the other guy? I think not I mean its a fookun hurricane what the fuck needs to be embellished about that?
why make shit up about a disaster when by its very nature it has all the ingredients the fucked up masses need for infotainment?
where I live I hear too much about "let them fend for themselves" "they weren't working anyways" "its pretty dark down there" more racists than I care to mention. I think that has been caused to be brought out to the for by reporting such as we have seen. I'm not sure I can believe its by accident. Hey it could be a natural progression of disasters. But I fucking doubt it. any body have an opinion? comments welcome.........
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