ITWASSOOTED: Enemies the state

Monday, October 10, 2005

Enemies the state

wal-mart is now in the business of watching for government dissenters and bringing the wrath of the secret policia on American citizens. If this "internet story here is to be believed. And why wouldn't it? Well any lie told what, twelve times is suddenly the truth? I'm guessing now to lazy to check for facts my damnself.

but hey there are operations going on in the secret halls of gubmint to take away your senses. To make sure at some point you question the very sunrise in the morning and it will keep you at a fear level a distrust level a level of discomfort.

all in the name of homeland security. Some of it is definite conditioning to make it seem ok to turn your neighbors in for dissent, and then because of thought crimes and then prethought crimes? I babble, here's the walmart tale

Civics Student...or Enemy of America?

By Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive. Posted October 7, 2005.

After a Wal-Mart employee turned in a high school student's anti-Bush poster to the police, the Secret Service came calling.
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