ITWASSOOTED: Golf update

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Golf update

The drive "up north" was pretty nice. The fall colors are really getting going. There are the reddest reds and hella yellows just bright bright colors of fall. I hear tell the arrow head region in our area is at its zenith and I suppose the next two weeks around here will be the brightest.
I think it was in the damn 80's I know I was a sweaty fat bastard after the match, that "hopper" and I managed to win. Somehow I found myself in a 5.00 a hole game with two other players. Each had about 2-4k in ping clubs. Who the hell knows how many rounds a week this season between them. I hear tell one of them lives on a course and plays at least 9 holes a day? Anyway the game was announced at me like this best ball and we meaning "Hooper" and I get two strokes per hole. Well I wasn't real confident I'd have any money left after the day was over. You see I last had a golf club in my hand over a year ago I can't afford the game anymore since they took all the "play all day" courses away in my area. So I'm really not in shape to play for money no matter the rules.
well on the first hole we need about a 20 foot put that's down hill around a knob and full of mud(they just aerated and sanded the greens)well guess what I MADE THE FOOKUN PUTT. The other team was not amused. I can't give you a hole by hole recap but I'll say I don't think we ever lost momentum from that hole never trailed.
now we come to the 16th or 17th hole, somehow the bet gets doubled we win now up by 20.00 with one hole to go. I'm on the 18th tee and somebody yells as I'm in my backswing DOUBLE THE BET aight I popup my teeshot about ten feet from the tee box now I gotta play with my dick out right!? I walk back to the cart ask them how old they are and throw my wallet on the tee box you fuckweasels want my money so fuckin bad take my wallet take it all. I leave it lay. Someone picks it up and gives it back on 18. Anyhow we win the 18th hole its now 40.00 that I neither want nor asked to play for but the other team hands me the cash. Tomorrow I find a food shelf to donate it to.
next year if I go to this golf fishing thing I will not play for any money. It ruins the fun of the game for me I try my hardest to win every hole regardless the money or "prize" I just want to make the putt and be under 100.
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