Sunday, October 02, 2005

Thank you

Thank you my three returning visitors. Today starts the third week of my foray into the blogisphere,and a have an average of three returning visitors. I think its actually one , I return with opera and ie. Don't know how the tracker records a unique hit if it records an IP or what it does . If its not two of me then thank both of you for coming back and looking about. Comments are allowed and not moderated say what ever you want even if its "I like tacos". It looks like there has been somebody poking about that way.
I understand there to be 16-20 million blogs? Maybe 160-200 million hell if I know at the mo. And I understand its hard for ya'll to click on them all in a day and leave a comment, but maybe the 20 that do wander by how about a little smack down or hi5 as you pass by just so the ego can replenish just a litte bit. Even without the encouragement its a diversion and something different to mess with. I'l probably keep it up at least another.......
if you don't comment no angel will gets its wings... 3