ITWASSOOTED: The Minnesota calugulans take on the bears at 12:00 central

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Minnesota calugulans take on the bears at 12:00 central

the "horned ones" of Viking infamy will take the field today to do battle with the Chicago bears, and possibly a few disgruntled fans. Ok the fans in attendance wont give a rip as long as the home squad wins.
but there has to be a larger delegation of semi-fans that are not amused by millionaire athletes representing Minnesota as sports teams do to an extent nationally as a recognition factor if nothing else. (that sentence needs work)

when millionaire nay billionare enterprises go after public money to continue their own agendas does it not behoove said enterprise to put up the best possible front when courting the public coffers?

I contend it does but that's me. Believe me I have nothing personals against what these humans do for sexual recreation, but do you have to make it visible in every media available? If your going to import ho's to get your rocks off don't do it in front of 18 year old non-participants in full public view.

I mean fuck these people have lawyer friends and would like nothing better than to have been injured in some mystical way by a billionare sports franchise.

aight I'm done bleating on the morans in major league sports for today. And as al Davis says "just win baby" cures edge sitters ills.

now the game, here is the pregame from
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