ITWASSOOTED: Pat Robertson re-explains himself

Monday, October 10, 2005

Pat Robertson re-explains himself

you have to fight them everywhere......................marxist bastiods

evil white Christians jihadding against Hugo Chavez for the neo-con fear makers.

US televangelist says Venezuela threatens US with nuke

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Washington: Prominent US televangelist Pat Robertson accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of giving Osama bin Laden $1.2million in cash after the September 11 attacks and of trying to obtain nuclear material from Iran.

Robertson caused an uproar in August when he called during his televised religious programme for the US government to assassinate Chavez. He later was forced to apologize to the leftist leader. But the conservative preacher issued a new denunciation of Chavez.

I'm not sure who these people are and they claim this story from an afp story which I don't find, personally I'd say its part of the special plans operators throwing as many fake assed stories around about chavez that pretty soon a bunch of wacko's are going to demand that chavez be taken out and Venezuela be democratized by cluster bomb and bunker buster. Rummy claims they had to shut down the disinfo brigade in the pentagon but I say like fuck you did. here is part of that operation. How do I know? Just like pat says "Sources that came to me. That's what I was told." believe it or stuff-it
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