ITWASSOOTED: You sanctimonious sunsabitches. And a republican?

Monday, October 10, 2005

You sanctimonious sunsabitches. And a republican?

Child molester republican Christian coalition. I aint sayin anymore

Local Christian Coalition Official Did Molest, Family Members Tell 'The Oregonian'

By E&P Staff

Published: October 10, 2005 11:45 AM ET

NEW YORK After news broke that local law enforcement officials were investigating complaints that Louis Beres, longtime chairman of the Christian Coalition of Oregon, had molested three female family members when they were pre-teens, The Oregonian in Portland went out and interviewed Beres' family members.

Two told reporters that Beres, indeed, had molested them. All three said they have been interviewed for several hours by detectives.

"I was molested," said one of the women, now in her early 50s. "I was victimized, and I've suffered all my life for it. I'm still afraid to be in the same room with [Beres]."
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