ITWASSOOTED: 4 year old router.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

4 year old router.

That's right I've had a router in a box for 4 years and never hooked up another connection. The last time I tried it I broke out in a bad sweat after I lost my main connection for hours and had to call Kuala Lumpur to get it back.

this attempt I have my own connection working on first try and all the bells and lights are ringing on the router. But I've hit a snag with the other computer. I have an old IBM 233 that is ok in a pinch if I manage to blow up my main machine while innocently playing on the internet, it has/had a 3 gb hd hardly enough to get a chat program to work and look at nekkid pictures. So I took a 60gb h/d I had in another mobo blowd up machine installed. I turned it on and lo and behold it booted up three times. Then the gawds knIw i was close to an internet connection for "those people" so its decided not boot past some "windows is installing hardware error" and freezes up.. I can;t even get it now to boot up in safe mode. I'll work on it some more tonight, whine about it to any body that will listen, and beg several people to help me fix it. If that doesn't work I'll try the other 233 HP that I found in the church dumpster two years ago, that also worked last time I used it as a back up.

Saturday I took the cheap assed 80.00 digital camera back it sucked monkee balls and besides that the struction manual wasn't good enough at holding my attention. It was 80.00 worth of cheap shit, I need to if I'm going to camera blog crap for both of you viewers, plunge in and buy a real camera............
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