ITWASSOOTED: Local elections are decided by local politics

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Local elections are decided by local politics

nuttin to see here move along says the liar white house.

before 5:00 am I had the radio on and local hate radio guy kstp am morning hate disseminator is talking trash about the St Paul mayoral election last night. What is he spouting? He says these local elections are local politics it has nothing to do with the national scene, I paraphrase. Okay that was before top of the hour news. 6:00 am news hits and here is some liar sunofabitch spouting the republican talking points. These local elections are won and lost on local issues. That's bullshit and we out here in the stoopid land know it. See the beltway cocksuckers think we are all stoopid. Then on my way home on FM radio I get a snip of I think its McClellan spouting the same shit, only he throws in another popular line (paraphrasing again)those that think these elections are in any way related to the national scene are way out of the mainstream. Oh blow me you liar sunofabitch. I saw the string from your lip to roves hand moving again. McClellan used a similar line yesterdays press gaggle about the "people in the front row" not being in the main stream.
why ? Because they kept asking him pointed questions he couldn't and wouldn't answer truthfully. So it goes another day in liar guy world. Do they ever endeavor to tell the truth?
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