ITWASSOOTED: *sniff* I'm from devils lake n.d..........*sniffle*

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

*sniff* I'm from devils lake n.d..........*sniffle*

So there I am minding my own biddness driving downtown Minneapolis at 4:30 am on a nipple shattering cold morning. I slow for a stop light almost to where I need to be I look about the intersection looking for any suspicious behavior i might need to attempt to avoid, when to my left I see this little blonde woman kinda lurching kinda looking kinda gesturing my way from the crosswalk. She has tennis shoes a coat, looks warm enough and no fookun hat on. I'm looking in my mirror looking to my right looking up the street sort of looking at her, I'm thinkin wtf does somebody want at this crazy cold hour of the day from me? a broken car needs a jump? I dunno and I'm wary, was kinda sleepy with my heater blowin up in my face for 30 minutes on my drive into town. But now I'm wide awake and my heart is racin, I can see a car jacking comin up and rosco's sittin with no car or worse yet a bullet hole in his head and I be lookin up to the sky with dead eyes the steam roll by from the tall buildings surrounding my dead lifeless body a pool of blood freezing on the hard cold frozen asphalt. My sight then drifts away to absolute nothing nothing nothing. Like it was the time before I ever got here.
ok back to the real show, I roll down my window and this little woman about maybe mid 30's-40's I didn't ask, meekly and whimpering comes up near my window and starts her schpiel. *sniffle* I'm from devils lake south Dakota *snort* I had my purse stolen last night *sniff* and I need some money for the greyhound bus *sniffle*I only need eight more dollars and I can get a bus *sniffle*....
I as I'm wont to do, because of my near total deafness say in my ever so gracious downtown don't try fuckin with me voice WHAT!? Oh I was pretty sure I heard and understood her request, but its like a habit after a spell for near deaf people to answer every query put to them with the WHAT?! My light changes I say no I'm not buying you a bus ticket and I start through the intersection. As I drive forward I can hear her plain as day exclaim in my direction and to the cities tallest buildings
OH MY GAWD..... My window is now fully up I'm turning the corner and I lose sight of her. As I drive to my jobsite I think for a few minutes what just went on and I convince myself in the short term that she was looking for crack score money or crank or booze or who knows what. what except a bus ticket to devils lake south Dakota.
I feel a tad guilty for leaving her in the street like that on a nipple breaking cold morning. Some of my concern was getting carjacked by an accomplice as I pulled over and reached for money to give her. Or just being taken for a ride with a fake sob story.
some of my guilt later in the day as I thought about it with more angles was maybe just maybe she was another human in actual need other than an addiction. Not that that's not a real need mind you. Its just that since I had to give most of mine up on account I find myself allergic to them, I'll be god damned if I'm going to support yours.
I've been downtown about two months working, and I start at 4:00 on some days to take deliveries before certain access points are restricted. This is the second time i've been accosted by the people of the street. The other was when it was windy cold and raining sleet about 2 degrees above, a guy comes outta nowhere as I'm getting in my truck and asks me for 3.50 to get into the YMCA. he's got no clothes on for the weather and baggy assed pants, that guy is getting none of my money.
how many times will I do this hard stoned cold indifference act to these ppl before I break down and shell out some cash? Or worse yet bring home unemployed circus people......................................
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