ITWASSOOTED: I hate boxed Mac and cheese

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I hate boxed Mac and cheese

Yeah that's right I'm all hatin on that boxed crapola and I vow here and now never it to touch my lips again.
did I ever tell you about my big luscious lips and Hollywood theory? No well I aint today either but someday I'll get it to you.
right now I'm minutes away from kneading some bread dough into a braided loaf. I saw on another blog the other day. This bread was made by someone in Spain and I just hadda try it out. We made bread from a Swedish recipe a couple weeks ago now I want to see how these Spanish person's tastes and how easy it is to make. Once I master this braided bread I could be considered a masterbraider{thanks to zeke} I wouldn't take the top prize but its an honor to be held in such high steam.

anyways enough of that balderdash lets get back to our show. This bread thing is sorta family thing. Ones at work now but all three of us are working on the bread, the girl gets the stuff out of the cupboard ma knows where all the special bowls are I mix and biotch {its a habit} then the girl can clean up while I do this, sit on me ass and blog about it.
I am on ma to get that damn caramel cinnamon roll recipe so we can start in on that this weekend. We didn't get into it during the long lazy weekend of resting. Ma really wanted to rest after the christmas crapola she does. Its possible that we use this bread recipe to make the caramel rolls I'm not sure see I'm no master roll maker I'm a master............................................
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