ITWASSOOTED: the 911 brand

Friday, September 16, 2011

the 911 brand

Since it was a zionista inspired /perpetrated attack of the usa on 911 is it any wonder that its now a brand?

never forget or we will never forget or any number of similar mind numbing phrases are bandied about each and every fucking day regarding the 911 attacks.

this will be forever used much like the holocuast industry uses their famous bashing slogans.

never again never forget etc..

so all you idiocracy loving tards get used to using the never forget line as you continually bash everybody over the head with you idiocracy slogans and bash anybody that questions your stance or your take as unpatriotic and maybe enact laws making it illegal to deny the fake story of planes turning 110 story buildings into dust or hell no planes as in the case of building 7...
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