ITWASSOOTED: That's right its bowling day

Thursday, September 22, 2005

That's right its bowling day

Thursday's in the fall restarts bowling day. Wait before you say it, I don't bowl not every damn Thursday for months on end. I might bowl once every 4 years call it leap bowling if you will. No its my wife she bowls in some league or another every fall and winter I only remembered when I got home was because the chidrens are not about and the dawg was going apeshit. Used to be the chidrens would be home runamok in the house till I got home and made them start in some type of CLEAN THIS STY game. They hate that game. no today and most Thursdays now that they are teenaged chidrens they disappear before I get home knowing their ma's not going to be about for another 2-3 hrs they runamok some wheres else in town. They have a direct link to the ma with cell phones I'm not in that loop. So they know they can disappear awhile without me finding them. When I ask where the hell they were they say "blah blah blahs house, and I called ma and asked" okay I'm defenseless again that right? What I'm going to miss pretty soon when they disappear for good on their own is "oven food". Not only is Thursday bowling day, its oven food day. You all got to know what that is, you open the freezer turn on the oven open a few boxes of something frozen and in 45 minutes you"re eaten dinner. See the chidrens used to ask me whets for supper on Thursday nights and I'd say I dunno what's in the freezer?,go look. They come back a few minutes later and tell me what we had up in the freezer, then I'd tell em to read the box and start makin supper. lil kids like the feel of being in charge of stuff like the oven the directions etc..... But how many times did I have half cooked tater tots? At least 4 then I quit eating them all together. That's a thing of the past now teenagers don't give a shit about turning the oven on done it a thousand times it isn't no big deal. But I already miss them being little people. Being around all the time. And soon they won't be around at all, I mean IF they ever move out on their own. Holidays needing money, those days we would see them I guess. It makes me feel older every day I see them less and less. Today was the start I think of fall in our area. The trees got their magic cue to start turning the leaves colors and soon shedding. As I get older fall resonates with my own turning of colors closer to shedding off this plane. Sure I might have a late summer and have another half a life to be around. Or a bus could take me out tomorrow and I been in winter of years already. blah blah ramble bumble stumble. Wonder if there is anything in the freezer......
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