ITWASSOOTED: Tuesday non-blogging

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tuesday non-blogging

Last night I got home and my internets would not stay connected. I had very little to say blogish since my concentration was on my connection . I have been on USB to my modem for a week now and it blows, never liked the USB seems to disconnect too much. I have a 10/100 network card and an Ethernet connection in my machine but since my h/d melt down its not been usable. Not having stayed at any holiday inn expresses lately and not being computer hardware software literate I don't know how yet to find 4 controllers Ethernet,multimedia,multimedia video,and USB controller. Those 4 gizmo's have the yellow beacon on my device manager. I'm not working with any experts at this time on this problem. They are few and far between the REAL experts that work for free or beer.

okay that isn't the only reason I nonblogged Tuesday (like you give a rip) I've been staying up later than normal trying to recover two computers I'm making progress but late night early morning and climbing a scaffold stair all day made me fookun tired last night I think I fell asleep before 8:00, very early for the last week.

anyhow I'm bloggin me ass off tonight why? Because I love not hearing that fuckin tree fall in the forest.
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