ITWASSOOTED: Bush’s Syrian Mass Murder Campaign Inches Forward

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bush’s Syrian Mass Murder Campaign Inches Forward

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Arkin tells us CENTCOM, under the sway of Secretary of Mass Murder Donald Rumsfeld, has “received instructions to prepare up-to-date target lists for Syria and to increase their preparations for potential military operations against Damascus.”
Posted Nov 9, 2005 09:59 AM PST
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Okay folks, here is the bad news. You cannot pretend you don't know this invasion of Syria is morally wrong. The Mehlis Report, even relying on a known convicted criminal who personally stands to gain if Assad falls from power, only stated that Syria "probably" had a hand in the Hariri Assassination. Well, absent hard proof, "probably" means nothing. It is a null expression in this context.

And even if Syria assassinated Hariri, that is hardly a unique crime. The US Government assassinates people, sometimes even their own President. Assassinations are taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan as I type this. Israel runs assassination squads in many countries, including the US.

So there is far less justification for the US to invade Syria than there was to invade Iraq, plus with the hindsight of Iraq, you all know that the US Government is lying to start wars.

Which means if the US invades Syria, and you have taken no action to stop it, the blood stains your hands as thoroughly as it does those of the Neocons who orchestrated yet another war.

You cannot pretend you didn't know. Guilt by omission is as heavy a burden as guilt by commission.

So, unless you like the idea of bloody hands, NOW is the time to be calling your local newspapers, flooding their letters page with letters denouncing more wars, call the TV stations, make noise, FORCE THE ISSUE EVERYWHERE. There are 100 of you for every single paid government shill making minimum wage to phone Rush Limbaugh and tell him what a hell of a job he is doing for "Murika". You need to be just as loud and visible as they are.

Yesterday's elections showed how weak the war-mongers are. Every candidate running next year is watching the public reaction. If they get the message that more war is an election loser; if you make them understand that Bush has become the "Kryptonite President" they dare not expose their campaign to, we will bring this rush to war to a halt.

But you have to want peace more than they want war. and you have to be willing to dare greatly to get it.

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