ITWASSOOTED: Why are you in this great shot?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why are you in this great shot?

when I blog around looking at pictures, I'm getting a mean streak well up in me when I see a terrific background marred by the subject, talk to the screen, much like when imbecile are in my teeeveee talkin shit. I say gawd damn that woulda been a great picture....If you woulda sat outside the damn view finder. Not that the intended subject is the elephant man or anything. There are plenty of good looking people in front of the cameras, you just aint one of them, hey neither am I. You won't be seeing a lot of me in these pages. a few experimentals and that's it. There are great looking cities, bridges, landmarks etc that are just destroyed when two people get in the front of them to take their timeless little souvenir shot. Oh yeah I could just go get a fookun post card of the Rockefeller center Christmas tree or the like but guess what? I aint going to buy one, now please take one shot with you and your lovely family, and for my sake take one with out. Go ahead post them both but let me steal the one you aint in. Oh yeah unless your uma Thurman then by all means get in the way of the pyramids at giza at sunrise babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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