Friday, September 23, 2005


aight now its friday night and caribean sun has two freerolls tonight the regular 100 prize package. and an added 200.00 prize pool from shark poker tour follow the instructions its way easy. see ya at the tables!

played a S.H.I.P. no luck a k54 came up on the flop two diamonds i bet 100 to see where the action was guy called one folded, turn was another diamond i checked to the over king and the flush board guy bet 300 i folded down to 1k.. few hands later i'm impatiant i guess two players went all in preflop ahead of me i had ace ten SOOTED. i called winning hand had ace queen os two pair aces and kings won it with a queen kicker ahead of my ten. he its called gamboling for a reason yes? i got another free game in about an hr and my hold-em hunger will be satiated dig? maybe reg for ic 500 if there is one or if i'm not too late already

aight three hands i played in total in the sharkbait200 1st hand was a5 os i folded. 2nd hand was a4 os i folded. third hand is AA i bet 100 three players stay flop come x ten ten guy bets all in i call knowing the fuckweasel has a ten but come on man i got AA AND TWO LUCKY SWEDISH CARDS TO BE PLAYED RIGHT? wrongo mother fucker its a bust and racsorude is out in three hands. its ok i i'm used to seeing pocket rockets being crushed.
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