ITWASSOOTED: January 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the industry’s problems are larger than previously understood, larger than the response so far mustered by the government

Dewds! this ponzi scheme the pirates have enslaved us with is huge! ITS TRILLIONS, TENS OF TRILLIONS OF BULLSHIT FALLOUT FROM THEIR MACHINATIONS!

The Dow Jones industrial average lost 4 percent of its value yesterday
, falling below 8,000, while Nasdaq and the S&P 500-stock index both plunged more than 5 percent.” The drop came “as fresh evidence mounted that the industry’s problems are larger than previously understood, larger than the response so far mustered by the government and perhaps larger than the resources remaining in its rescue program.”
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Edmund de Rothschild, Dies At 93

LONDON - Well-known British banker and horticulturist Edmund de Rothschild, who took a personal role in raising funds for a large hydroelectric power station at Churchill Falls, N. L., has died. He was 93.

De Rothschild, former chairman of N. M. Rothschild and Sons merchant bank, died Jan. 17 at his home in Hampshire, England, the family said. The cause of death was not announced.

He joined the family bank in London in 1939 and directed its operations after his uncle Anthony suffered a stroke in 1955. He was named senior partner in 1960 and elevated to chairman in 1970.

De Rothschild oversaw the family firm's evolution to a modern institution, ending its private partnership status in 1970. He served as chairman until 1975.

He has been described as being "a banker by hobby and a gardener by profession," like his father.

However, de Rothschild was closely involved in postwar reconstruction in Japan, and received that country's Order of the Sacred Treasure (1st class).

De Rothschild restored Exbury Gardens, a 105-hectare woodland garden which had been neglected after the death of his father, Lionel, in 1942. The gardens were opened to the public in 1955.

De Rothschild developed the Solent Range of Exbury deciduous azaleas, and produced several dozen rhododendron hybrids. He received the Victorian Medal of Honour, the highest award of the Royal Horticultural Society.

In his autobiography, "A Gilt-Edged Life," de Rothschild recalled that he was sometimes a target of anti-Semitism while he was in school.

He also related how his father was offended by a friend from Cambridge University who visited the family home and spoke glowingly of his visit to Nazi Germany.

The father wrote to the visitor's mother saying, "Your son comes to stay in my house, shoots my pheasants, drinks my champagne, smokes my cigars and tells me there is a lot to be said for Hitler."

Edmund de Rothschild is survived by two sons and two daughters from his marriage to Elizabeth Lentner, who died in 1980; and by his second wife, Anne Harrison.

The family planned a private funeral.
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Patrick Rocca, 'poster boy' of Ireland's Celtic Tiger, kills himself

Mr Rocca’s death came on the day that a High Court judge was picking through the debris of the vast pyramid scheme allegedly run by another Dublin socialite before deciding to refer it to the Garda fraud squad. Breifne O’Brien, a star in Dublin's party scene, is said to have conned friends out of tens of millions to fund an extravagant lifestyle. The crash in the Irish property market allegedly affected his sources of finance, so that he was no longer able to keep up the pretence of being a gifted investor.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Postville Iowa In ruins after Kosher Nostra Invaded

Rubashkin faces 87 new charges, claims innocence

CEDAR RAPIDS — The attorney for Sholom Rubashkin said Friday his client denies the additional 87 charges filed against him late Thursday in U.S. District Court.

A fourth superseding indictment includes the previous 12 counts against the former CEO, Agriprocessors Inc. and three employees alleging aiding and abetting illegal immigrants, document and bank fraud and identity theft.

Rubashkin and Agriprocessors face an additional 86 counts of bank fraud, false statements and reports to a bank, money laundering and aiding and abetting and willful violation of the secretary of agriculture.

The remaining count is against former employee Hosam Amara for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. The indictment alleges Amara fled to Israel in June.

"Sholom Rubashkin denies all 99 charges," Guy Cook of Des Moines, Rubashkin's attorney, said in an e-mail Friday. "Whether 99 charges or 9,000 charges, they are mere charges, proof of nothing. He is presumed innocent, and is indeed innocent, unless and until the prosecutors can prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law."

The court also granted Rubashkin an appeal hearing on his request for bail. He has been detained in the Dubuque County Jail since he was charged in November. The hearing will be at 4 p.m. Thursday. The prosecution has been against bail, saying Rubashkin is a flight risk.

The new indictment says the additional bank fraud charges involve Rubashkin, on behalf of Agriprocessors, sending false certifications to First Bank Business Capital regarding the company's compliance with laws and regulations. Rubashkin and the company knew of the hiring of illegal workers, it says. The certifications were sent numerous times, including every time Agriprocessors requested an advance under the loan agreement, the indictment says.

This indictment and the previous one contended that Rubashkin fraudulently diverted customer payments on accounts receivable. The more than $26 million in customer payments were diverted into different company bank accounts rather than into a depository account, as was required by the loan agreement.

To hide the diversion of the customer payments, which would have paid down the revolving loan if not diverted, Rusbashkin paid down the balance by making it look like they came from the customers, according to indictment. On several occasions, he made the accounting personnel take larger deposits and split them among two or more checks written in odd amounts.

Rubashkin also transferred funds to go through third party entities, such as Kosher Community Grocery Inc. and Torah Education Program of Northeast Iowa, both in Postville.

The false statements and reports to a bank, counts 28-69 of the indictment, and the money laundering, counts 70-79, stem from the bank fraud scheme when Rubashkin concealed the diversion of funds and deposited the money into third-party accounts, according to the indictment.

The willful violation of the order of the secretary of agriculture, counts 80-99, involves Rubashkin and Agriprocessors failing to pay the full purchase price of livestock as required by law and failing to deposit checks issued for the livestock in the mail before the close of the next business day after the purchase as required by law.
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Arthur Nadel Florida Mini-Madoff


Reuters: Arthur Nadel - Sarasota Florida Mini-Madoff - On the Lam. Is he Jewish?

Seems like Arthur Nadel - of Scoop Management - aka the Sarasota Mini-Madoff - is on the lam. And if you are asking, yes, he is a Jew, and, "a prominent player in Sarasota's Jewish social and philanthropic circles." Sound familiar?

Arthur - come home and get a lawyer. The word on the street is that Obama is forgiving everyone... and moving on...Madoff is out on bail and word is he will never go to jail.

Obama's letting Bush and Cheney go! Don't do anything rash. You can live and be well. It's only money.
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Mrs. Kohn has dropped out of sight, leaving the firm she founded, Bank Medici, in the hands of Austrian regulators, who took it over last week.

VIENNA — With an aggressive style that stood out in the staid world of Austrian banking even more than her bouffant red wig, Sonja Kohn made few friends gathering billions for Bernard L. Madoff from wealthy investors in Russia and across Europe.

Sonja Kohn of Bank Medici.
Pirate not "victim"

Now, she has even fewer. Mrs. Kohn has dropped out of sight, leaving the firm she founded, Bank Medici, in the hands of Austrian regulators, who took it over last week.

Embarrassment from investing heavily with Mr. Madoff could explain wanting to disappear from public view. But another theory widely repeated by those who know Mrs. Kohn is that she may be afraid of some particularly displeased investors: Russian oligarchs whose money made up a chunk of the $2.1 billion that Bank Medici invested with Mr. Madoff.

“With Russian oligarchs as clients,” said a Viennese banker who knew Mrs. Kohn and her husband socially, “she might have reason to be afraid.”

It was a view shared in interviews with Mrs. Kohn’s fellow bankers, former employees and other associates — from Vienna to London to Geneva to Monsey, N.Y.
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Samuel Israel III zio pirate?

Billionaire hedge-fund manager Samuel Israel III disappears on his way to prison

By Guy Adams in Los Angeles
Thursday, 12 June 2008

A disgraced former New York hedge-fund manager has sparked a nationwide manhunt after apparently faking his own suicide on the day he was due to report to prison to begin a 20-year sentence for fraud.

Samuel Israel III, a billionaire co-founder of the Bayou Group, is being sought by police after his car was found abandoned on the Bear Mountain Bridge in upstate New York with the words "suicide is painless" written into the dust on its bonnet.

The authorities said that no body had been found, and that they were keeping an "open mind". Mr Israel had been due to report to prison by 2pm on Monday after being sentenced in April for his role in a scheme to cheat investors of $450m (£230m).

Bruce Cuccia, a police investigator, said that no witnesses had seen anyone leave the vehicle or jump from the bridge, 40 miles north of New York. CCTV footage was inconclusive.

Mr Israel had pleaded guilty in 2005 to charges of conspiracy and fraud. The scandal involved announcing non-existent profits and providing fake audits for companies. Bayou made millions in commission on trades that subsequently lost investors money.

Israel's girlfriend, Debbie Ryan, told police he had left home at 9.30am, saying he was going to prison. The car was discovered three hours later, moments after it had apparently been
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Who Stole All The Money? RBS FLAILING

Royal Bank of Scotland driven to the brink of nationalisation

Royal Bank of Scotland, one of Britain's biggest banks, was yesterday driven to the brink of nationalisation amid fears that the Government's latest bailout package would fail to alleviate the credit crisis.

The share price of RBS, which owns NatWest, fell by more than 65 per cent to just 11.6p after the bank prepared to unveil the worst losses in British corporate history. Lloyds Banking Group, the country's biggest bank, lost a third of its value.

Banking experts said that there was now only a "vague chance" that RBS will not be nationalised - possibly within days. The bank has already received £20 billion in taxpayers' money but is only worth less than £5 billion.

Customers were advised that money held with RBS - which has more than 12m customers and almost 2,500 branches across the country - was entirely safe and not jeopardised by the fall in RBS's share price.

The bank share prices collapsed within hours of Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, unveiling a new emergency rescue package for banks which could make taxpayers liable for up to an extra £350 billion.

The centrepiece of the new package was a scheme for the Government to insure banks against losses on bad or "toxic" debts, estimated at £200 billion. The Government may take further shares in banks in return for the insurance being offered.

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Zio Pirates Ripping Off Banks=Taxpayers All Over World

Russian tycoon 'had RBS loan of £2.5bn written off'

A £2.5 billion loan said to have been given to a Russian oligarch by a British bank and then written off is an example of the alleged practices perpetrated by this country's major lenders which have prompted a surge of political anger.

ABN Amro, a Dutch bank owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), apparently lent Leonid Blavatnik the money to help shore up the finances of his troubled chemicals company LyondellBasell.

RBS is just one of the British banks being scrutinised by Government officials, alongside Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays, after lending to foreign nationals left them facing multi-billion pound losses which require another taxpayer funded bail-out.

Officials have discovered that the banks made the majority of their loans overseas, sometimes to companies and individuals whose ability to repay their debts was highly questionable.

In some cases, only 20 per cent of bank lending was British-based, with the rest going abroad.

The past lending practices of RBS – of which the taxpayer now holds a majority share – have emerged as a particular concern.

Senior Government figures are said to have been infuriated to learn that RBS was part of a group of banks that offered a £2.8billion loan to a firm owned by Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire who last year hosted both Peter Mandelson and George Osborne on holiday in Corfu.

The apparent loan to Mr Blavatnik has now brought the 51-year-old, who divides his time between America, Russia and Britain – where he resides in a £41million home in Kensington Palace Gardens –into the spotlight.

Raised in a Jewish household, he moved from Russia to America at the age of 21 to find a new life, earning an MBA from Harvard. He regularly returned to Russia for business and founded Access Industries in 1986, making his fortune in chemicals and natural resources, including oil, aluminium and coal.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Lindauer should be detained indefinitely and drugged with Haldol until whatever time she could be "cured" ....

...Carswell staff acknowledged that there were no external symptoms of mental illness. However, they proposed that Lindauer should be detained indefinitely and drugged with Haldol until whatever time she could be "cured" of claiming that she had worked as a U.S. asset in counter-terrorism. Lindauer refused, and a lengthy court battle ensued. She was transferred to Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

this is the pathetic modis operandi these fuckers use all the time. not isolated incidences
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An Exclusive Interview with Bush Political Prisoner Susan Lindauer

American Cassandra: Susan Lindauer's Story
Thursday, 12 June 2008, 4:34 pm
Column: Michael Collins

On March 11, 2004, Susan Lindauer was shocked to find FBI Agents pounding on the door of her Takoma Park house in Maryland with a warrant for her arrest. She was more shocked to discover that she was accused of acting as an "unregistered agent" of the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein.

It's been four years since her federal indictment. On June 17, Lindauer will have her first pre-trial hearing, where she will be allowed to call witnesses to disprove the allegations.

Lindauer has never been tried in a court of law—nor allowed any pre-trial hearing to call witnesses to validate claims that she worked as an Asset supervised by U.S. intelligence for 9 years. Instead, she was forced to submit to a psychological evaluation inside a prison on a Texas military base, where she was held for seven months before getting transferred to New York. In all, she was detained for 11 months without a conviction or a guilty plea. Pro se motions for a hearing to prove the authenticity of her claims were ignored.

The psych evaluation culminated in a finding that she was incompetent to stand trial, on the grounds that she was "deluded" into believing that she had worked as a U.S. asset or would not get convicted. The coup de gras was a formal request by federal prosecutors to forcibly drug Lindauer with Haldol in order to cure her of those claims and beliefs, so that she could stand trial. She would be formally cured when she stopped declaring that witnesses would substantiate her story.

(See. American Cassandra: Susan Lindauer's Story).

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feds drop case against Susan Lindauer

by Channel 2 News staff
Saturday, January 17, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The federal government has quietly dropped its case against former congressional aide Susan Lindauer, but she may be heading back to court with a lawsuit.

Lindauer was accused of helping an Iraqi spy agency, but later she was declared mentally unfit for trial.

Friday she said she will file a civil lawsuit alleging she was falsely arrested and prosecuted.

Prosecutors dropped the case against Lindauer on Thursday, saying the case would no longer be in the interest of justice.

Lindauer's father, John Lindauer, owned an Alaska newspaper chain and ran for governor in 1998.

Comment From

Here is what really happened.

In March 2001 Susan Lindauer carried a message from the Iraqi government to her cousin, the White House Chief of Staff, requesting the return of weapons inspectors. This proved that Iraq had no WMD, so the U.S. government knew that then.

Bush and Cheney nevertheless attacked and invaded Iraq using WMD as a pretext, and declared Susan Lindauer insane to silence her (a tactic copied from the former USSR).

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is Timothy Geithner Jewish? No.

No, Timothy Geithner, selected by Barack Obama to be secretary of the treasury, is not a Jew.

On 11/22/2008 I received an email from Geithner's father-in-law, Prof. Albert Sonnenfeld, confirming that, "Geithner (is) not Jewish, (he was) raised Episcopalian, but (is) hardly religious now.... "

The reference in Wikipedia that previously (up to 11/2008) said he is a Jew - was removed. See the discussion.

Geithner is now president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Geithner of Larchmont, N.Y.

According to the Times, he is married to Carole M. Sonnenfeld and has two children. The Rev. Thomas Keehn, a United Church of Christ minister, officiated at his wedding in 1985.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An old Yiddish proverb - "Start a fire and sell fire hoses"

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Peter Richard Orszag

Tapped to head the US Office of Management and Budget in the Obama White House.

Orszag was a senior fellow and Deputy Director of Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution, where he directed The Hamilton Project and (in conjunction with Georgetown University's Public Policy Institute) the Pew Charitable Trust's Retirement Security Project.

He served as Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy (1997–1998), and as Senior Economist and Senior Adviser on the Council of Economic Advisers (1995–1996) during the Clinton administration. He also formed a consulting group called Sebago Associates, which merged into Competition Policy Associates and was bought by FTI Consulting Inc. He was a consultant for McKinsey and Company on an HMO project in San Francisco, California.

Orszag was director of the Congressional Budget Office from January 2007 to November 2008. During his tenure, he repeatedly drew attention to the role rising health care expenditures are likely to play in the government's long-term fiscal problems--and, by extension, the nation's long-term economic problems. He also gained notoriety as the first CBO director to have his own blog.

On November 25th, 2008, President-elect Barack Obama announced that Orszag would be his nominee for director of the Office of Management and Budget, the arm of the White House responsible for crafting the federal budget and overseeing the effectiveness of federal programs.[4][5]

Peter Richard Orszag Hungarian-American Jew

just looking for moles
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Last fall, Congress committed an unprecedented $700 billion in taxpayer money to reversing the credit crisis, and the Federal Reserve has already fanned that into $8.5 trillion in loans and commitments. But the bank bailout has proven to be no more than a boondoggle for a handful of lucky Wall Street banks, without getting credit flowing again. What went wrong and what WILL get credit flowing again? . . .
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Obama's pro-Israel congressional welcome

By Rami G. Khouri
Daily Star staff
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If the Israeli attack on Gaza that started 18 days ago was designed partly to send a message to the incoming Barack Obama, the United States Congress in the past week seems to have joined the battle to handcuff the new president and lay down the law for him, even before he takes office.

Obama has tried to remain aloof and stay out of the political battle over the Gaza war by making no substantive statements about it. Israel and its supporters in Washington have different plans. Obama has stayed away from the war, but they brought the war to him - shoving it down his throat as his first pre-incumbency lesson in how American presidents must behave with respect to Israel's desires, if they wish to remain in power.

The House of Representatives voted last Friday by 390-5 for a resolution that backed Israel in its Gaza onslaught, affirming "Israel's right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza." A day earlier, the Senate overwhelmingly supported Israel and its right to defend itself against terrorism.

Such extraordinary one-sided support for Israel by Congress mirrors the same position taken by the administration. Both President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declared on Monday that Hamas was to blame for the current war and for the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza, and that any ceasefire had to guarantee that Hamas stopped attacking Israel. They seemed incomprehensibly blind to Israel's combined strangulation of and assault on Gaza.

This almost irrational absolute support for Israel in both the legislative and executive branches of the US government occurs amid a chorus of international condemnation of Israel for using excessive force. This includes calls by some United Nations officials and respectable non-governmental organizations to investigate whether Israel has committed war crimes.

Israel is using the two arsenals it is most comfortable with - military force to kill, injure, terrorize and displace thousands of Palestinian civilians; and the equivalent political overkill to bludgeon the American political establishment into total submission. After six decades of trying, Israel has been unable to turn Palestinians into vassals and subservient slaves - but it has succeeded in transforming an otherwise impressive American political governance system into a herd of castrated cattle who cower before the threats that Israel's Washington-based henchmen and hit men direct at them. Gaza will get its ceasefire soon, but will Washington ever find relief from the stranglehold of Israel's political thugs?
These Congressional votes in the past few days were not an unusual event, sadly, but rather a routine reaffirmation of the chokehold that Israel enjoys over the elected representatives of an otherwise healthy democracy. For example, two years ago, when Israel attacked Lebanon with similar ferocity, the House of Representatives voted 410-8 to support the Israeli onslaught and to condemn Hamas and Hizbullah for "unprovoked and reprehensible armed attacks against Israel." Two years before that, in 2004, the House voted 407-9 to support Bush's position that it was "unrealistic" for Israel to return completely to its pre-June 1967 borders in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

On no other foreign policy issue does Congress collectively stick its head in its back pocket, turn off its power of independent judgment, and disregard the impact of its decisions on how the US is perceived around the world. On no other issue does Congress vote according to the interests of a foreign country, rather than according to the US national interest. This kind of blind, wholehearted plunge into a maelstrom of pro-Israeli fanaticism and zealotry reflects precisely how strong the pro-Israeli lobby is in the United States, and how weak are the voices of reason, balance and justice as drivers of American foreign policy.

This is the distorted reality that Obama will inherit in one week's time, and what an ugly thing it is. It captures the worst of all worlds all rolled into one: the vicious force of the pro-Israel lobby in the US that buys and terrorizes politicians as easily as buying peanuts at a circus; the anemic, mindless and spineless Arab governments who stand naked before Israel and the US, and shameless before their own people; and the American political establishment that behaves on the Palestinian issue - with a handful of brave and decent exceptions - in a most un-American manner in the face of the pro-Israeli forces that decide if they live or die politically.

None of this is surprising or new. It only amazes me that Americans expect us to take them seriously and not to laugh - or throw up - when they preach to us about promoting democracy.

Rami G. Khouri is published twice-weekly by THE DAILY STAR.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Kevin M. Warsh

next new york fed chief?

Kevin M. Warsh

Born: 13-Apr-1970
Birthplace: Albany, NY

Gender: Male
Religion: Jewish
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Economist

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Federal Reserve Governor

Wife: Jane Lauder (VP at Clinique, dau. of Ronald S. Lauder, m. 2002)

University: AB Public Policy, Stanford University (1992)
Law School: JD, Harvard Law School (1995)

US Federal Reserve Governor (2006-)
White House Staff Special Asst. to the President (2002-06)
US National Economic Council Executive Secretary (2002-06)
Morgan Stanley to VP and Executive Director, M&A (1995-2002)
Bush-Cheney '04
George W. Bush for President
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Hamas And The Desperate People of Palestine...A Recent History

If anyone told me years ago that I would be writing a post defending an Islamic group like Hamas, I would have told them they were out of their mind. How things have changed. As the people of Gaza are being slaughtered by Apartheid Israel, Hamas seems to be getting a lot of bad press. I thought it might be useful to write a more recent history of Hamas. Rest assured you will never see this history provided in the American press. And I’m not going to go too far back, because if I do, I will have to mention not only Hamas' terrorist acts but those of the founders of Apartheid Israel in the creation of their stolen state and their never ending terrorism since. Of course no one wants to talk about that. That would be anti-Semitic.

First of all, we hear alot about the Hamas credo, you know the destruction of Israel, setting up a Muslim state and all of that stuff. I imagine that if I had had my land stolen and had been subjected to Zion-fascist tyranny for decades, I probably would also have put together a rather strongly worded document to let my captors and others know my feelings. God forbid that I should in any way come across as hateful to those who had subjected me to endless humiliation and indignity.

I will start my recent history with the 2006 Hamas election victory. This victory followed the decades of political ineptness and corruption by it’s chief rival Fatah. Here is what an Israeli newspaper reported as one of their first acts.

A few months after Hamas' 2006 election victory, leader Ismail Haniyeh tried to start a dialogue with U.S. President George W. Bush. Haaretz has obtained a written message from Haniyeh sent to Bush via an American professor who met with Haniyeh in the Gaza Strip. Haniyeh asked Bush to lift the boycott of the Hamas government and pressure Israel to maintain stability in the region. On June 6, 2006, Haniyeh met Dr. Jerome Segal of the University of Maryland in the Gaza Strip.

...At the time of the meeting, Hamas was trying to establish its three-month-old government under an international boycott. The Quartet for Middle East peace had called on the organization to recognize Israel, disavow terror and honor existing agreements. At the end of the meeting, Haniyeh dictated a short message he asked Segal to transmit to President Bush. Haniyeh spoke Arabic and Youssuf translated his words into English. Segal took down the letter in his notebook and Haniyeh and Youssuf both signed it.

Haniyeh wrote in the missive, "We are an elected government which came through a democratic process." In the second paragraph, Haniyeh laid out the political platform he maintains to this day. "We are so concerned about stability and security in the area that we don't mind having a Palestinian state in the 1967 borders and offering a truce for many years," he wrote.

Haniyeh called on Bush to launch a dialogue with the Hamas government. "We are not warmongers, we are peace makers and we call on the American government to have direct negotiations with the elected government," he wrote.

Haniyeh also urged the American government to act to end the international boycott "because the continuation of this situation will encourage violence and chaos in the whole region." Upon his return to the U.S. several days later, Segal gave State Department and NSC officials the original letter. In his own letter, Segal emphasized that a state within the 1967 borders and a truce for many years could be considered Hamas' de facto recognition of Israel. He noted that in a separate meeting, Youssuf suggested that the Palestinian Authority and Israel might exchange ambassadors during that truce period. This was not the only covert message from Hamas to senior Bush administration officials. However, Washington did not reply to these messages and maintained its boycott of the Hamas government.

Although Haaretz indicates Washington did not reply, it did respond, with its usual bad faith and treachery inspired by Israel's Zionist minions within the Bush Administration.

Shortly there after, Deputy National Security Advisor, Zion-fascist Elliott Abrams met with a group of Palestinian business men and discussed the violent overthrow of the the Hamas leadership with arms supplied by the United States. In the months that followed, the United States supplied guns, ammunition and training to Palestinian Fatah activists to take on Hamas in the streets of Gaza and the West Bank. Hamas was victorious in Gaza and its control reestablished. Thus another misadventure (and there were many)conceived by war criminal Elliot Abrams, turned to shit. And now not surprisingly everything that Haniyeh warned our Presidential Stooge about has come to pass.

But America's fraudulent media did not report this either. Nor have they reported that since Hamas was elected by the Palestinian people that for the most part the Palestinians held their fire. They held their fire even after being imprisoned within their own borders, starved and denied humanitarian supplies while choked off from the rest of the world. That is the recent history of Hamas.
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Friday, January 09, 2009

When the Truth is Anti-Semitic.

Thinking about what to say and not having much success is where I am today. Most of the time, I am preaching to the converted here as the commentary shows. Seldom do I ever get any negative responses and we are starting to average over a hundred comments per entry. That’s a mystery to me. Out of old habit, I often will post these essays at this site where I seldom get any positive comments. The people there are mostly professionals. There are doctors and lawyers and business owners. They are all Americans except for a scattering of Canadians.

Here I am considered an anti-Semitic. This is because the truth is anti-Semitic and if you are going to tell the truth that is what you are labeled as. Criticism of Israelis and Zionist Jews is not welcome. It wouldn’t matter what evil they may do. It is okay. Many of the people at this site are as murderous as the Israelis. They joke about the murders or they talk in convoluted circles about how complex it all is. In any case… none of it is Israel’s fault. This item in the MSM today says it all. What can anyone say to justify such evil? Nothing… there is nothing you can say.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

as you read, is slaughtering its inhabitants to gain control of that country for this purpose.

Russian Gas Cuts: US-Afghanistan Connection?

Russia has made a serious mistake on this occasion both in hasty action and in failing to perceive the probable hand of the US and a trap, notes Christopher King.

You will probably have heard of the present situation – you might well be suffering from it. Russian gas for Europe is being disrupted in transit through Ukrainian pipelines. Ostensibly it is about payment by Ukraine for its gas and renewal of the Ukraine-Russia contract for transit of the gas.

Russia says that Ukraine has not paid for its gas and in retaliation has reduced the amount pumped into the pipeline by the Ukraine proportion. Ukraine, it is said, nevertheless continued to “steal” gas from the pipelines, so reducing the amount available to European Union customers. As a further escalation, Ukraine restricted the quantity of transit gas to the EU and, Russia says, finally closed the pipelines.

The Ukrainians say that they are not stealing gas and there are “technical difficulties” that have caused problems with the onward flow of gas. Russia, they say, has now shut down the pipelines.

Ukraine does seem to have been using gas after Russia reduced supplies by its proportion but it is a legal question as to whether Ukraine is paying and complying with terms of its contract etc. It is not clear whether Russia believes that Ukraine is taking more than its contractual proportion, which would in fact be theft. As it is mid-winter, this is the best time for Ukraine to attempt to force more favourable gas prices and transit terms from Russia. There was a similar dispute in the winter of 2006. By reducing the supply of gas to the pipeline and expecting Ukraine to stop using gas, the Russians have been heavy-handed and unwise even if all they say is correct. What is more important is who has closed down the pipeline. Russia and Ukraine accuse each other. This is question of fact that will be determined on investigation. Pipeline issues rely entirely on the integrity of the participants. Gas, oil or whatever is put into the pipeline at one end and hopefully it arrives at the other end as expected.

We should note, however, that it is absolutely not in Russia’s interests to close off the pipelines to the EU since the reliability of Russian gas supplies was an important issue in the 2006 dispute. Russia has been at pains to reassure the EU on this. The Ukrainian position is not so clear. Apart from a cash shortage, Ukraine has other issues with Russia, for example, Russia’s use of Sevastopol for its Black Sea Fleet. If the EU were to find alternative gas supplies due to Russian unreliability, so reducing Russia’s European market, Ukraine would be in a stronger position as a buyer of Russian gas. Ukraine is also engaged in discussions for joining the EU and NATO so a dispute with Russia might have advantages. In these circumstances the Russian version of the pipeline closure is more credible. This might be the entire position.

I wish to examine, however, if other parties might benefit from this dispute. It would be a simple matter to plan this dispute and to predict Russia’s response. It is a re-run of the 2006 dispute but has been made more severe than 2006 by the closure of the pipelines. The extreme concern in the EU, I repeat, is far from Russia’s best interests. However, from an EU viewpoint it is irrelevant whether the unreliable party is Russia, Ukraine or both. If the supply is unreliable the EU will seek alternative supplies. Who could gain from this?

As it happens, the United States wants to build a gas/oil pipeline through Afghanistan and, as you read, is slaughtering its inhabitants to gain control of that country for this purpose. As it also happens, the US’s new president ,Barack Obama, has stated that he will increase US troop levels and will ask the EU and NATO to contribute more troops to Afghanistan. The EU countries are increasingly reluctant participants. By contrast, our unelected prime minister, Gordon Brown, has already rushed to send 300 additional UK soldiers to risk their lives and kill more Afghans in this occupation that, along with Iraq, has disgraced the UK.

A perfectly credible scenario, therefore, is that the US is behind this dispute, with the objective to renew wavering EU support for its war in Afghanistan.

Why should anyone believe this? As I have outlined previously, Russia and the EU have developed close economic links and have been on track to create greater economic integration. It is in the interests of the US to prevent what could become an EU-Russian economic and military superstate. The US seeks confrontation with Russia, as evidenced by bringing former Soviet satellites into NATO, contrary to agreements, abrogation of the ballistic missile defence treaty with Russia, installation of a missile system in Poland and the Czech Republic on Russia’s borders and support for the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia. The US needs trouble in Europe to maintain its own military and failing economic position. NATO officers and ministers are happy to support the US’s trouble-making in Europe and elsewhere, since peace means loss of jobs, promotion prospects and careers. NATO ministers, of course, get lucrative directorships and consultancy contracts with the defence industry after their periods in office. This is why NATO is in Iraq and Afghanistan and is rearming Georgia, none of which is in EU interests. There can be no doubt that the US is following a “spoiling” strategy with regard to EU-Russian relations.

One can easily see that wherever in the world there is trouble, the US is there as well, with troops, advisors, weapons or money. The US needs enemies, not only to feed its military-industrial complex that efficiently transfers public funds to private pockets, but because wars give opportunities. Peaceful business competition has now become very difficult for the US now that Asia has taken over most of the world’s manufacturing and it has undermined its own and the rest of the world’s financial system with its debt and worthless securities. For the time being, the US has an unchallengeable military force. Well, unchallengable in nuclear terms anyway, as the Afghans with a military budget of almost zero are demonstrating. It is seeking means of turning this to economic advantage. This is, after all, the only justification for having such a force. It needs to be used and preferably show a return.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"Invoking the holocaust is a ploy to delegitimise all criticism of Jews",

Jewish professor Norman Finkelstein writes in his best selling book, The Holocaust Industry:

"Invoking the holocaust is a ploy to delegitimise all criticism of Jews", he adds, "By conferring total blamelessness on Jews the holocaust dogma immunizes Israel and American Jewry from legitimate censure."

You can see how this "holocaust dogma" is at work in the media right now to ensure that the State of "Israel" is 'immunized' from "legitimate censure".
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Hamas Street Theatre

Just ask the thugs, they will tell you these pictures are all faked by Hamas as theater to brand idf and zionazis as criminals

'As I ran I saw three of my children. All dead'
Hazem Balousha and Rory McCarthy i

The small dead bodies were laid next to one another on the tiled floor of the morgue corridor, the blood drained from their cheeks. One had a bandage still wrapped around his head, another lay with his mouth half-open in his oversized, bloodstained clothes.

For a week the Samouni family had taken shelter in their small, single-storey home in Zeitoun, south-east of Gaza City, and there they survived wave after wave of Israeli bombing and artillery strikes. Then came Israel's ground offensive, the next phase in what Israel argues is a necessary and justified battle against the Palestinian militants firing rockets out of Gaza.
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German mogul kills self over financial meltdown

BERLIN – German billionaire Adolf Merckle has committed suicide after his business empire, which included interests ranging from pharmaceuticals to cement, ran into trouble in the global financial crisis, his family said Tuesday.

The 74-year-old's body was found Monday night on railway tracks at Blaubeuren in southwestern Germany, prosecutors in nearby Ulm said in a statement. They described the death as a "railway accident" and said there was no evidence that anyone else was to blame.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Smearing people as anti-Semites for cheap political gain is repellent in its own right and merits a response.

Glenn Greenwald

The right's game-playing with "dual loyalty" and "anti-Semitism" accusations

(updated below - Update II)

As our political establishment takes new and disturbing steps towards a more confrontational approach with Iran, the effort to stomp out any discussion of the role Israel plays in that policy has once again intensified. Last week, Joe Klein -- basically out of the blue -- observed that while many advocates of an attack on Iraq (which once included Klein) were motivated by "neocolonial" fantasies or ensuring access to Iraq's oil, many other war proponents were motivated by their allegiance to Israel:

The fact that a great many Jewish neoconservatives -- people like Joe Lieberman and the crowd over at Commentary -- plumped for this war, and now for an even more foolish assault on Iran, raised the question of divided loyalties: using U.S. military power, U.S. lives and money, to make the world safe for Israel.
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Saturday, January 03, 2009

It was a Persian King Cyrus the II who freed the Jews from what is now Egypt

It was a Persian King Cyrus the II who freed the Jews from what is now Egypt but at the time was part of the Babylonian empire. The ancient Jews were saved by ancient Iran. Cyrus entered Babylon (now Baghdad) and replaced an unpopular king, a King who worshiped the Moon god Sin rather than the more popular god Marduk, the Harvest God (whom the famous Hanging Gardens was made for). The People wanted the king to worship Marduk not Sin so they welcomed Cyrus in ridding the corrupt king. The Persians did not believe in slavery so all the slaves in the Babylonian kingdom were set free not just the Jews.

That's right it was Cyrus not God who freed the Jews from Egypt. And they were lead by an Egyptian (not a Jew and yes that river in the basket story is nonsense) into what is now Palestine/Israel. There, the nearly all male force, (because slaves were usually men used for labor and the women probably opted to stay prostitutes rather than wonder around in the desert) immediately began their long stint of raping and murdering and constant warfare. Read the 4, 5, 6th books in the Bible and get a feel for the blood craze and if you really want something sick read Leviticus and learn the details about sacrificing animals and sleeping with your own daughters and all the laws that would result in you being put to death (by very creative means) if you broke them.
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Friday, January 02, 2009

57% of those killed by Israel in 2009 were children; 428 dead since strikes began

Human life is only sacred when politicians need it to pander for votes. As soon as they are safely ensconced in their ivory golden towers they get their murder on......

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The Huffington Post: Israeli-Occupied Territory

huffpo are zio-occupied propaganda spewers, believe it or stuff it, shills


...Taking Ms. Huffington at her word, one can only conclude that, when it comes to Israel's rape of Gaza, the Huffington Post is siding with the rapist. Their "news" coverage of the ongoing devastation is heavily slanted toward the Israelis, with those journalistically unique paragraph-long lead-story headlines never mentioning Palestinian casualties (a number would suffice). ...
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the laws of war. To be ignored by zionazi's in both tel aviv and washington

Statement by Prof. Richard Falk, United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
Richard Falk

Jan 1, 2009

The Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip represent severe and massive violations of international humanitarian law as defined in the Geneva Conventions, both in regard to the obligations of an Occupying Power and in the requirements of the laws of war.

Those violations include:

Collective punishment - the entire 1.5 million people who live in the crowded Gaza Strip are being punished for the actions of a few militants.

Targeting civilians - the airstrikes were aimed at civilian areas in one of the most crowded stretches of land in the world, certainly the most densely populated area of the Middle East.

Disproportionate military response - the airstrikes have not only destroyed every police and security office of Gaza's elected government, but have killed and injured hundreds of civilians; at least one strike reportedly hit groups of students attempting to find transportation home from the university.

Earlier Israeli actions, specifically the complete sealing off of entry and exit to and from the Gaza Strip, have led to severe shortages of medicine and fuel (as well as food), resulting in the inability of ambulances to respond to the injured, the inability of hospitals to adequately provide medicine or necessary equipment for the injured, and the inability of Gaza's besieged doctors and other medical workers to sufficiently treat the victims.

Certainly the rocket attacks against civilian targets in Israel are unlawful. But that illegality does not give rise to any Israeli right, neither as the Occupying Power nor as a sovereign state, to violate international humanitarian law and commit war crimes or crimes against humanity in its response. I note that Israel's escalating military assaults have not made Israeli civilians safer; to the contrary, the one Israeli killed today after the upsurge of Israeli violence is the first in over a year.

Israel has also ignored recent Hamas' diplomatic initiatives to reestablish the truce or ceasefire since its expiration on 26 December.

The Israeli airstrikes today, and the catastrophic human toll that they caused, challenge those countries that have been and remain complicit, either directly or indirectly, in Israel's violations of international law. That complicity includes those countries knowingly providing the military equipment including warplanes and missiles used in these illegal attacks, as well as those countries who have supported and participated in the siege of Gaza that itself has caused a humanitarian catastrophe.

I remind all member states of the United Nations that the UN continues to be bound to an independent obligation to protect any civilian population facing massive violations of international humanitarian law - regardless of what country may be responsible for those violations. I call on all Member States, as well as officials and every relevant organ of the United Nations system, to move on an emergency basis not only to condemn Israel's serious violations, but to develop new approaches to providing real protection for the Palestinian people.

:: Article nr. 50265 sent on 02-jan-2009 20:42 ECT

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a few simple truths that Israel cannot stand,


Those who have been inside Gaza know Israel struck first, and Hamas’s response is only a token for lack of serious armaments. On December 29, 2008, on CNN, A united Nations official in Gaza, an English woman named Karen, stated she has lived in Gaza for six years, and whose job it is to organize distribution of UN purchased food. She set a Zionist friendly reporter straight. His loaded question was, “do the Gazans know that only Hamas is to blame for their sufferings?”

Answering from her office in Gaza, Karen, the UN official, stated that her assistant, a Gazan, was killed that very day by an Israeli bomb while doing his job delivering food, and that it was Israel, not Hamas, who broke the six-month peace truce by keeping the border entrances sealed for months after the "truce" began.

She put the reporter in his place about who bombed first, noting she was in Gaza under attack several hours before Hamas retaliated with some sixty homemade rockets. She affirmed that Israel has destroyed Gaza hospitals, mosques, schools, police stations, and private homes, all based on the excuse of one lone homemade rocket the week before that hit no one, and did no damage. Our leaders know all this but the truth does not further their agenda. The “Hamas hit us first” lie does.

Israelis often refer to Palestinians as “animals” in private conversation. Israel’s military started the slaughter by starving the Gazans in hopes the victims would blame and reject Hamas. When this did not work Israel trumped up a homemade, one rocket excuse to start bombing the Gaza City, and is still trying to blame Hamas. In summary, there are a few simple truths that Israel cannot stand, and that US politicians and the press never recognize:
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Constititution of the United States: 1st Amendment, Bill of Rights : "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

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