ITWASSOOTED: September 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011


Jane you ignorant slut.

Barack obama did not start this debacle we are mired in and cannot find a sensible way out of.

The rightards ran a senile old war mongere and a swim suit model in the least serious race they could muster without the tvland retards catching on too quickly.


get used to it racist america, bitch all you want but the wars must come home to roost eventually and part of that is paying for it.

gobama is going to flounder until you tards get your next american taliban candidate into the white house.

and nothing still will get done for you , only to enrich more haliburton becxhtel types ... or maybe Carlyle groups? or saudi bin laudin groups....
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Friday, September 16, 2011

the 911 brand

Since it was a zionista inspired /perpetrated attack of the usa on 911 is it any wonder that its now a brand?

never forget or we will never forget or any number of similar mind numbing phrases are bandied about each and every fucking day regarding the 911 attacks.

this will be forever used much like the holocuast industry uses their famous bashing slogans.

never again never forget etc..

so all you idiocracy loving tards get used to using the never forget line as you continually bash everybody over the head with you idiocracy slogans and bash anybody that questions your stance or your take as unpatriotic and maybe enact laws making it illegal to deny the fake story of planes turning 110 story buildings into dust or hell no planes as in the case of building 7...
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lost cat

why is a lost cat story a lead story on radio on more than one station?

the cat was gone 5 years allegedly

the cat traveled 1800 miles allegedly

the cats owners had it micro chipped so it could later be identified. allegedly

the cats owner exclaimed if she could micro chip her kids she would.

the last sentence is why the cat story is a lead for every station i listened to today (only a couple)

the man wants micro chip implantable tracking devices on every living human.

its not a conspiracy theory

its a fact you idiocracy lovin bastards!
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Texas was having a 100-year drought, so Rick Perry asked people to pray. Now Texas is on fire - that tells us a lot about the power of prayer." --

Bill Maher
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careful introspection

"...there was nary a glimmer of the careful introspection one might expect from mature adults. No questions asked, no effective movement against the wars, no real interest at all in grasping the long range consequences of the actions of our government. It is painfully obvious that the destruction wrought by US foreign policy absolutely dwarfs any destruction wrought on the United States itself...."
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Friday, September 02, 2011

I Am The Weather COCK or cleans my weather cock

Kerkrade Haringe wants lion instead of wind vane

maandag 29 augustus 2011 om 16u57 Monday, August 29, 2011 at 4:57 p.m.

Poperinge - VIDEO UPDATE - Ruimt de windhaan op de kerktoren van Haringe bij Poperinge straks plaats voor een leeuw? Poperinge - VIDEO UPDATE - Cleans the weathercock on the steeple of herring Poperinge soon replaced by a lion? Als het van de plaatselijke kerkraad afhangt alvast wel. If it depends on the local kerkrade wants it. Als de plannen doorgaan dan krijgt Haringe de eerste kerk in Vlaanderen met een leeuw erbovenop. If the plans go ahead it will Haringe the first church in Flanders with a lion on top. De kerkraad vindt dat de huidige haan te veel verwijst naar Wallonië. Kerkrade believes that the current cock too refers to Wallonia. Maar de burgemeester van Poperinge denkt niet dat het zo'n vaart zal lopen. But the mayor of Poperinge do not think such a pace.

The newly refurbished St Martin in herring is still in the racks and the polished weathervane adorns since a few days back on the tower. Maar hoe lang nog? But for how long? De kerkraad wil de haan vervangen door een leeuw. The Kerkrade wants the cock replaced by a lion. De pastoor van het dorp gaf vandaag niet thuis, dus vroegen we de mening aan de nog enige overgebleven kloosterzuster in Haringe. The priest of the village did not home today, so we asked the opinion of the only remaining nun still in herring. Zuster Agnes: “Ik heb dat zondag na eucharistieviering vernomen. Sister Agnes: "I've heard that Sunday after the Eucharist. Ik zou eerder zeggen dat het een studentengrap is.” I would rather say that a student joke. "

Sponsor gezocht Sponsor wanted

En toch is het geen grap. And yet it is not a joke. Want de kerkraad van Haringe ziet de huidige windhaan als een symbool van de Walen. Because of the kerkrade Haringe see the current wind cock as a symbol of the Walloons. De komst van een leeuw op de kerktoren moet het Vlaamse karakter van Haringe versterken. The arrival of a lion on the church tower, the Flemish character of Haringe reinforcing. Voor de camera willen ze hun stelling niet verdedigen, maar ze zetten door. The camera would not defend their position, but they put on. Omdat de pas gerestaureerde windhaan veel geld heeft gekost, wil de kerkraad van Haringe niet dat de belastingsbetaler opdraait voor de kostprijs van een windleeuw. Because the newly restored weathercock lot of money if the kerkrade of Haringe not that the tax payer pay for the cost of a wind lion. Er is al een ontwerp klaar en de hoop gaat uit naar barmhartige parochianen die willen sponsoren. There is already a finished design and the hope is for compassionate parishioners who want to sponsor.

Bedenkingen bij burgemeester en bisdom Reservations about Mayor and diocese

De burgemeester van Poperinge heeft alvast zijn bedenkingen bij de plannen. The mayor of Poperinge has already been reservations about the plans. En ook het bisdom loopt er niet warm voor. And the diocese is not enthusiastic. Al in de 10 d e eeuw verschenen in onze streken windhanen op kerktorens, als tekens van waakzaamheid en vruchtbaarheid. As early as the 10d century appeared in our regions air cocks on church towers, as signs of vigilance and fertility. Het bisdom Brugge acht de kans dat er effectief een leeuw komt op de kerktoren van Haringe eerder klein. The diocese of Bruges considers the probability that a lion is actually the spire of Haringe rather small.

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Labour day vacation

Beer, wine, viagra, ribs, corn on the cob, football betting, sleep, and cream cheese and great jam bagels.

not in any particular order
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Thursday, September 01, 2011

fat and half sassy

its been a long time since I've penned a half crocked missive in blogger but today I'm feeling fat and sassy.

America is huge fat land, i read today that a western state is going to import 16000 foreigners to do the hotel dirty work for them because we are so fat and complacent in our nanny state that the 26% african unemployed(official) and our 10% whitey unemployed(official) don't wont to work for the man at the poverty rates being offered ! is this fuckin true or am i being lied to by every tom dick and Mary with a news paper/website?

do the richest mofos what own all the giant hotels only stay rich because they can import slave fuckin labour into the land your brothers, fathers and sisters died on foreign battlefields to protect can get away with it?

good gawd almighty who is fuckin who here?

if they cant import the slave workers as a regular policy they export the gawd damn factory to the nearest slave holding gawd damned country!

then re-import the widgets for us poor broke assed fucks to buy from them?


guess what after washing my neighbors shirts and selling coffee by the cup for the man... i got nuttin but bread money left over you jackasses motherfuckin republican cocksuckers!

I'm dun for now and you can kiss my fuckin ass about spelling capitalization and punctuation.

welcome back you 7!

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looking for my c-note!

Monger are you in fookun livonia ?

Get ahold of me you dumpster livin evil bich i want my c-note back!!!!!!
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Ground Fog Day

Hot humid on the lake today.... And Ground Fog day to start out cant see 20 feet ahead...

I'm taking phillies in ESPN streak game in my attempt for riches in a new month.

stay tuned
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Constititution of the United States: 1st Amendment, Bill of Rights : "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

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